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My heart and soul goes out to all who were and are affected by the tragedy 11 years ago. I realize how fragile and short life is and can be. I feel for all the victims of that tragic and fearful day, the people who did not have time to say I'm sorry to someone they were mad at, to the mothers that did not have time to hug their children, to the firefighters and police officers trying to rescue victims and losing their own lives in the process. And to all and everything that we will never know happened on that fateful day!

My resolution from this day forward is to be the best person that I can. To do my best to not show anger to those I love especially, or to anyone. To treat as I want to be treated! And to live each day to it's fullest! LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR CAPABILITIES!!!!!!!
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September 11, 2012


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